Pia Kellys Treasure Hunt

A few years back my lovely friend Catherine invited me to a book launch for Pia Jane Bijkerks gorgeous styling and travel memoir, My Heart Wanders. One of Pia’s books, Paris: Made By Hand had been my shopping bible on an earlier trip to the city, but it was wonderful to finally meet the author and let her know how much I’d enjoyed her tips and photography. Returning home after the launch, I quickly devoured Pia’s story and felt transported by the dreamy prose covering her time living on an Australia houseboat and falling in love with the gentle French man who swept her off her feet.

Since then Pia and Romain have settled in Sydney and had a baby girl, Laly. And weve become such good friends I’ve so loved spending time with their family and sharing all we have in common (which is lots, as it turns out).
Please come join us for this very special event to hear more about our mutual travels, books and adventures in collecting. And don’t forget to book soon, as were taking a very small group along with us I know youll be as inspired by Pia as I am!