Hello, is it tea youre looking for?

My friend Maggie once said something along the lines of, ‘although winter seems so bleak and cold, there’s lots happening beneath the ground. When spring arrives, everything bursts into life – but it was growing all along.’ That’s been my spring. And summer. And the beginning of autumn. Yes, it’s been awhile.

The last year has been beyond hectic in our household. Olive started school, I’ve been working on redrafts of my novel for a period which feels like eternity (but is actually only six or seven months), and both James and I have been struggling with health issues. My neck got so bad recently, I haven’t been able to sew, cook, exercise or even write at times. The universe is trying to tell us something, but I’m still figuring out what that is. Actually, I know what it is, but I’ve only just admitted it. Im getting help and with Sydney Writers Festival on next week not a moment too soon. Now is always one of my favourite times of the year.

Today I had lunch with the beautiful Pia Jane Bijkerk and came home feeling so inspired, I knew I couldn’t leave the blog appearing so unloved any longer. It’s early days, but we’re cooking up something special. Something collaborative, something you can be involved in, and – most importantly – something nourishing. Because it’s been too long playing hermit (for me, at least) and I’m missing that connection. Stay tuned; more details will be coming soon.

Another dear friend gave me this card last night. A passage inside reads I know you’ve had a rough trot, but hopefully resolution is nigh. Simply gaze plaintively towards the horizon, raise a (mildly) strong cup of tea to your lips and know you’ll get there. Thanks, Katrina. Im onto it.