Almost six years ago I left a rewarding, stimulating job for the uncertainty of writing fulltime. My daughter was born a few months later. The sacrifices were not easy (such as delaying the home renovation we’ve been planning for the better part of a decade, and going through heavy times of work, illness and stress) but the gains have been tremendous.

I managed to stay home and slot in work around Olive, something I’ve been particularly grateful for and couldn’t have achieved without the support of my husband and friends. But despite the challenges, somehow we managed it.

Yesterday she went to school for the very first time. And though it’s early days, she seems so ready and so thrilled to be there… I wasn’t expecting to feel so relieved. So light. So new-chapter about it all. I’m pleased as the sun for her.

In five years I rarely had the opportunity to write for more than one day at a time. But this morning I did. And it was GLORIOUS.

So what I’m saying is, do it. That thing you’ve always wanted to do. It’s going to be hard (sorry about that, no point lying). It will take you to the very edge of what you thought yourself capable of, and humble you greatly in the process. But it will change you. And it’ll be worth it. This I know.