Things To Know Before Buying Funiture

Buying the furniture for your home is one of the most difficult task because you have to consider many factors. The color of the furniture, the color of your choice, what your children like, what your wife likes, what actually suits. You have to consider all these factors to satisfy each and every factor.

So, we are here to let you know about the things that you must keep in mind before buying furniture for your home. After doing a lot of research, we are finally here with a wise advice to consider! So, let’s get started with the first tip.

  • Consider Your Lifestyle!

What type of life do you actually live? Do you have children? How many? Do you have a pet? Is it a dog or cat? Or something else? There are lots of such questions to answer before taking a step further to buy furniture. If the answer to all the above question is “yes” then light and thin fabric will not be a good choice. Also, white color will also be not satisfactory as all the stains will be visible.

If you live such a lifestyle, then furniture made of dark colored leather will be the best option for your lifestyle so that the daily life strains don’t appear visible all the time.

  • Go for Neutral Colors

Don’t just fall on the bright colors and trendy chairs with sharp and catchy colors, always go for the neutral and real colors. The reason not to choose the bright colors is that the bright colors will lose their charm after a period of time. The neutral colors don’t get a fade with time easily. The entire contemporary furniture design will look disgusting and odd when its color will get fade. If you’re still gonna buy the bright color furniture, then don’t go for the furniture which is entirely covered in the bright color. It is easy to hide the faded colors with a pillow but it’s much difficult to buy a whole new furniture.

  • Don’t shy to negotiate final price

If you’re a man who doesn’t usually haggle with the final price, then you must have to build a little courage to ask for 10-20% discount because cheap online furniture usually has higher markups. So, it is better to ask for a little discount. If the dealer doesn’t negotiate, then ask for free shipping/delivery. Do save a little bit amount for cushions or for other décors.

  • Buy at the right time

The best time for buying furniture is at the start of July and mid of December because this is the time when most of the sellers want to sell the available inventory to get newer one for the next season. In short, terms, buy furniture in the off-season, you will surely get a remarkable relief in pricing. If you can’t wait that long, then you still have an option to ask for deals and other packages. Most of the dealers launch certain deals which you can avail to save some money.

Hannah Richell The Shadow Year giveaway

Last year at the Sydney Writers Festival I met Hannah Richell, author of the international bestseller Secrets of the Tides. Since then, its been so inspiring to witness her progression from debut novelist to highly-acclaimed author of her second novel, The Shadow Year, in such a short space of time.

Anita Shreve calls The Shadow Year an engrossing and clever tale, a thrilling endorsement for any writer, and Thuy On writes about the book here for The Australian. I found its mystery especially powerful and foreboding (just like that within Secrets). It kept me guessing right to the very end, and I was reminded of books by Donna Tart and Jodi Picoult even though Hannah has such a distinct voice of her own. I simply loved the moody sense of place she created in the UKs Peak District, and the use of a plant called Honesty within the story (which she writes about here). I cant wait to see what she does next.


The good people at Hannahs publishers, Hachette, have offered Crafty Minx readers 5 x giveaway copies. First in best dressed but please, do tell, what would you do with a year off from all responsibilities? Im curious to hear. And feel free to email me at if youd rather keep your answer under wraps. Dont forget to pop in your mailing address.


Almost six years ago I left a rewarding, stimulating job for the uncertainty of writing fulltime. My daughter was born a few months later. The sacrifices were not easy (such as delaying the home renovation we’ve been planning for the better part of a decade, and going through heavy times of work, illness and stress) but the gains have been tremendous.

I managed to stay home and slot in work around Olive, something I’ve been particularly grateful for and couldn’t have achieved without the support of my husband and friends. But despite the challenges, somehow we managed it.

Yesterday she went to school for the very first time. And though it’s early days, she seems so ready and so thrilled to be there… I wasn’t expecting to feel so relieved. So light. So new-chapter about it all. I’m pleased as the sun for her.

In five years I rarely had the opportunity to write for more than one day at a time. But this morning I did. And it was GLORIOUS.

So what I’m saying is, do it. That thing you’ve always wanted to do. It’s going to be hard (sorry about that, no point lying). It will take you to the very edge of what you thought yourself capable of, and humble you greatly in the process. But it will change you. And it’ll be worth it. This I know.

Hello, is it tea youre looking for?

My friend Maggie once said something along the lines of, ‘although winter seems so bleak and cold, there’s lots happening beneath the ground. When spring arrives, everything bursts into life – but it was growing all along.’ That’s been my spring. And summer. And the beginning of autumn. Yes, it’s been awhile.

The last year has been beyond hectic in our household. Olive started school, I’ve been working on redrafts of my novel for a period which feels like eternity (but is actually only six or seven months), and both James and I have been struggling with health issues. My neck got so bad recently, I haven’t been able to sew, cook, exercise or even write at times. The universe is trying to tell us something, but I’m still figuring out what that is. Actually, I know what it is, but I’ve only just admitted it. Im getting help and with Sydney Writers Festival on next week not a moment too soon. Now is always one of my favourite times of the year.

Today I had lunch with the beautiful Pia Jane Bijkerk and came home feeling so inspired, I knew I couldn’t leave the blog appearing so unloved any longer. It’s early days, but we’re cooking up something special. Something collaborative, something you can be involved in, and – most importantly – something nourishing. Because it’s been too long playing hermit (for me, at least) and I’m missing that connection. Stay tuned; more details will be coming soon.

Another dear friend gave me this card last night. A passage inside reads I know you’ve had a rough trot, but hopefully resolution is nigh. Simply gaze plaintively towards the horizon, raise a (mildly) strong cup of tea to your lips and know you’ll get there. Thanks, Katrina. Im onto it.

Pia Kellys Treasure Hunt

A few years back my lovely friend Catherine invited me to a book launch for Pia Jane Bijkerks gorgeous styling and travel memoir, My Heart Wanders. One of Pia’s books, Paris: Made By Hand had been my shopping bible on an earlier trip to the city, but it was wonderful to finally meet the author and let her know how much I’d enjoyed her tips and photography. Returning home after the launch, I quickly devoured Pia’s story and felt transported by the dreamy prose covering her time living on an Australia houseboat and falling in love with the gentle French man who swept her off her feet.

Since then Pia and Romain have settled in Sydney and had a baby girl, Laly. And weve become such good friends I’ve so loved spending time with their family and sharing all we have in common (which is lots, as it turns out).
Please come join us for this very special event to hear more about our mutual travels, books and adventures in collecting. And don’t forget to book soon, as were taking a very small group along with us I know youll be as inspired by Pia as I am!